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Amazon Prime Day is officially here, and what better way than to revisit the classic Rockstar trilogy on your modern Xbox? Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy: Definitive Edition, which combines Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in one package, is now priced at $20, a sharp drop from the $60 price tag. .

Released late last year, Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy: Definitive Edition updates and changes many elements of the original games, sometimes for the better, sometimes confusing for no reason, and sometimes for the worse.

GameSpot gave the game a 4/10 in our review of Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy: Definitive Edition, citing the game’s many odd flaws. Simply put, the ports have disappointed. “Regardless of what the vaunted feature list looks like, these ports have some creative solutions implemented that are at least slightly superior to other releases released over the years,” wrote Justin Clark. “It’s hard to imagine what kind of games this trilogy would have inspired – like Mafia, Saints Row, Yakuza, Sleeping Dogs – and how well each of these series has been preserved and updated. The fact that the godfather of open-world crime sagas has been so excelled in this regard is infuriating enough to infuriate fans. Luckily, it’s raining outside.

Updates for the game were released after game-improving items were released, so if you were put off by reviews like ours at launch, it might be time to take another look.

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