Great interview with Sam Barlow: “I want people to get as obsessed as I was before the movie”

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With the release of Immortality, the creator is refining and expanding on the unique storytelling mechanic that he pioneered in his two previous games, Her Story and Telling Lies. In a lengthy interview with Liberation, he details his creative process that led to this declaration of love for cinema.

On the occasion of the release of Immortality, Liberation spoke at length with its creator, Sam Barlow. To awaken the desires that drove the creation of this new game, the little secrets of writing and mathematics associated with a game based on non-linear storytelling, and more broadly, to awaken the video game as a commercial entity and the industry that he turned his back ten years ago. This two-hour interview is also available in French and in its original version on Silence, we play, Liberation’s video game podcast.

Before going into detailsimmortality, this game obsessed with cinematography, can you explain to us what a miracle you are still making video games? We imagine that Hollywood tried to put you on the hook…

I am often asked a question that might sound like an insult if I weren’t sure it was sincere. I was actually offered to make films. Especially after the release of Her Story in 2015. This was the time when movie studios really got into video games because they started…

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