Greece handed over to US a Russian convicted of money laundering in France

La Provence (with AFP)

Greece extradited to the United States a Russian computer and cryptocurrency expert convicted of money laundering in France hours after he was released from prison, his lawyer said Friday. According to his lawyer Zoya Konstantinopoulou, Alexander Vinnik “was put on a private jet bound for the United States,” preventing him from seeking asylum in Greece.

Vinnik, 43, was handed over to Greece by French authorities on Thursday afternoon, just weeks after he was finally sentenced in Paris to five years in prison for money laundering by the Court of Cassation, France’s highest judicial body, a source close to the case said. France.

Father of two children Alexander Vinnik spent two years in prison in France after being extradited from Greece. He was arrested in July 2017 in the Greek seaside resort of Halkidiki (north) and Greece decided to turn him over to France, while Russia and the US also requested his extradition. A Russian citizen in the United States faces 21 charges, including identity theft, complicity in drug trafficking and money laundering.

In Russia, he is accused only of fraud in the amount of 9,500 euros. Russia is “outraged by the unfriendly actions of Greece, which, under pressure from the United States,” extradited Alexander Vinnik to “American punitive justice,” the Russian Foreign Ministry reacted in a press release in the evening.

“Despite the official request of the Russian embassy in Athens, neither the consular officer, nor his lawyer, nor a translator were allowed to see him,” the message says. “Russian diplomats will do everything possible to protect their legitimate rights and interests,” he said.

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