Green screen backgrounds for professional results in 2022

If you want to create amazing effects in your next video or photo, a green screen background can help you remove your current background and replace it with something more creative and visually appealing. Green screens provide an easy way to use the chroma key special effects technique, widely used by professionals around the world when creating YouTube videos, Hollywood blockbusters and photos, by replacing the background with a specific color, image or scene that can easily be replaced with something more exciting. when the button is pressed. Allows you to transport your actor to a distant planet or jungle without leaving the studio.

In this quick article, we’ll take a look at 5 popular green screen backgrounds that make it easy to replace the green background they create with a different image or video in post-processing, using a wide range of different software and apps available both for free and as a monthly subscription or one. – deductible payments.

special effects

Green screens have been used for many years to recreate imaginary worlds and create visual effects that help transport moviegoers to imaginary lands and planets in distant galaxies at minimal cost and resources to the film crew. More recently, green screen backgrounds have been used to create optical illusions for YouTube videos and allow you to stream content from multiple locations at the touch of a button. The recent Disney series Mandelorian took this to the next level by using 360° green screen theaters to greatly reduce production costs and increase the immersion and effects that can be created with green screen technology.

When shopping for a green background, you will need to take into account several factors, including the size you need to cover the area behind you or your subject. Also consider accessories to hang the screen either from the ceiling or with tripods and horizontal bars. Apart from the screen color, green is the predominant color, but other colors are also available depending on your needs: blue, white, grey, black and others for different photographic situations.

Choose a color

For example, bluescreens are also a popular choice and are commonly used for nighttime videos or when there are other green objects in the video or photo, as anything else green will also be replaced by your background. So remember that a green t-shirt will make you invisible, as if you were wearing the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter. This invisible effect was created using a green piece of cloth that actor Daniel Radcliffe wore to make it look like he was disappearing before your eyes.

Another good reason to use a green background color is that most modern cameras have twice as many green sensors as red or blue ones, so they are much more sensitive. Less light is required for special effects and background removal during post-production. With these additional green sensors inside the camera sensor, images and videos have less noise due to the higher sensitivity.

Screen size

Most green screen backgrounds currently available are approximately 2.7m x 4.75m or 9ft x 15ft, which gives you some idea of ​​how big the screens are in the background space you need to convert. If you want to create a green screen studio in your home or bedroom, make sure you have enough space to place and hang the screen before purchasing. You can also connect several large green screens together to create a huge set if needed, but make sure there are no shadows where the screens connect.

If you’re getting started with your first green screen background and would like to try out some special effects, your lighting is also worth paying attention to. Make sure that the lighting is as even as possible, and that there are no shadows, wrinkles or dark spots on the screen during recording. These background defects will make the green color more difficult to remove and may show up as strange textures in the final video or photo. To mitigate this, you can use two spotlights placed on either side of the green screen at a 45° angle. Additional lighting can illuminate your object separately. Also, make sure your subject is about 2m or 6ft away from the green screen to reduce the chance of it casting shadows on the screen.

Clothes and accessories

Other things to consider when using a green screen background, as mentioned earlier, are the colors of your actors or host’s clothing. Make sure no one is wearing green accessories or clothing that can interfere with post-production and make them invisible. It is also recommended to stay away from materials that reflect light such as glass and metal, and very light colors such as white when recording.

How to Use Green Screen Properly

5 Green Screen Backgrounds for Professional Results in 2022

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