Grendizer: a made in France video game soon on Xbox, PS5 and PC!

It’s official, the French publisher Microïds is preparing a video game adapted from the Goldorak license. Recall that the cartoon was broadcast for the first time in France on July 3, 1978, in the program Récré A2, hosted by Dorothée.

Grendizer go!

The French studio at the origin of titles such as Syberia, Asterix and Obélix XXL, Blacksad or even the much criticized remake of XIII, will therefore be at the helm to pilot this inevitably eagerly awaited adaptation. A hell of a challenge for Microïds, who will therefore adapt on our 4K HDR screens an animated series created 45 years ago now, and which has rocked millions of fans around the world, some of whom still dream today of fulguropoing and d ‘asteroax.

At the moment, it is absolutely impossible to know which direction will be taken by this future video game Grendizer. Microïds is also careful not to announce any release date, or even the media that will host the game. However, we imagine that the title will be launched on the new Xbox and PS5, as well as on PC, not to mention the Nintendo Switch.

According to Microïds: “Taken from the famous Japanese license, itself adapted from the Go Nagai UFO manga Robo Grendizer, this action game will offer players nostalgic for the license to experience the famous adventures of Actarus and his battle robot Grendizer“. Enough to titillate the curiosity of more than one gamer, now in his forties, who dreams of being able to enjoy a Grendizer game worthy of the name!

Microïds promises to work “hard”To offer a title as faithful as possible to the Goldorak license. We will probably have to wait a few more months to discover the official name of this new Goldorak game, but also the look chosen by the developers. This gives you time to rewatch the 74 episodes of the series, before the next arrival of the video game.

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