Grimes Helps Communism Go Mainstream, Says Party Official …

Grimes fucking Karl Marx has the American Communist Party applauding the singer … because they say she is promoting their cause.

A spokesman for the Communist Party of the United States told TMZ that although the singer said that she does not identify as a communist, the fact that they saw her reading “The Communist Manifesto” is a great victory for them.

As we reported … Grimes was spotted with the book this weekend, following the recent split from billionaire baby daddy Elon Musk.

The CP rep tells us that while the Grimes photos were just a publicity stunt, this is a textbook case where all publicity is good publicity.

The way the party sees it… the first step in getting people to join the Communist Party is to have them rethink our current political system. Thanks to Grimes, people will be inspired to read Marx and eventually start to question capitalism and the billionaires who are taking the initiative … like Elon Musk.

The point is, celebrities have played a significant role in shaping American politics for the past decade. Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist, ran in the 2016 presidential race and despite running for a Democrat, he did not receive the endorsement of any Democrats in Congress. Supporters of stars like Sarah Silverman, Killer Mike, and many more propelled Bernie into the mainstream … and as Bernie grew up, so did democratic socialism.

Concrete example, the Communist Party of the United States is looking for something similar with Grimes and believes that the visibility it gives to the Party, through Marx, will help them in the long term.

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