Growing Chia Creates a 256GB Solid State Drive in Just 40 Days

Agriculture is not that green.

This is the new trendy cryptocurrency: Chia. Its peculiarity: it does not “My” inconvenient to use ASICs or graphics cards that are currently overpriced and / or not available but “Cultivate” in the SSD and HDD sectors, two components that remain relatively inexpensive so far. As explained in the Chia FAQ, this cryptocurrency uses “Blockchain consensus algorithm” based “Proof of space and time” not a traditional algorithm “Proof of work”… Thus, from a lexical point of view, it is no longer about “Minors” But Farmers, whose activities are presented as more “Green”. However, if these village arguments have won you over and you intend to turn yourself into a digital farmer, keep in mind: growing Chia can shoot your SSD in a matter of weeks.

Unlike drives used in data centers, consumer SSDs aren’t designed for countless rewrites and constant stress. If, with normal use, they are strong enough to last for several years, things get complicated for their health when used to grow chia. Mydrivers estimates an entry-level 256GB SSD will fail in 40 days, a 512GB model in 80 days, and a 1TB SSD in 160 days.

Chia-D32H-D4: 32-port SATA motherboard for Chia development

New, more durable solid state drives are coming

Of course, these are only rough estimates and may vary depending on the length of each trip. If, despite everything, you still want to experience the Chia culture with solid state drives that are logically faster than hard drives, go for the high TBW models. Most of them target data centers; therefore they inherit various unnecessary properties when growing chia, which add to the bill. However, some companies have seized the opportunity and released “simple” but very durable solid state drives. This is, for example, the case with TeamGroup and its T-Create Expert SSD, whose 2TB version proudly displays 12,000 TBW.

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