GTA 5 RP: A Role Play mod more popular than the base game?

Game news GTA 5 RP: A Role Play mod more popular than the base game?


With 140 million copies sold at the end of 2020 and an upcoming port on a third generation of consoles, GTA V is undoubtedly one of the greatest successes of its time. A longevity due to the quality of its adventure, but also thanks to its multiplayer mode, GTA Online.

GTA Online has long since gone beyond the simple framework offered by Rockstar, which also continues to offer content. The players have completely appropriated the title, and we can no longer count the number of mods and content that allow players to have fun. We saw it recently, PR, that is to say an approach to the game consisting of immersing the players in defined roles to be interpreted, a role-playing game in short, is hugely successful. However, these special servers have long conquered the public, and give birth to totally crazy stories. Another clue to the popularity of PR: the latest measurements made by SteamDB.

According to the site, FiveM, the client used to launch one of the RP mods of GTA Online, surpassed the popularity of the base GTA V, and from far away. Start of the week, a peak at 250,000 players was recorded, while GTA V would have pointed to around 124,000 players. A trend that tends to continue in the last few months, but neither Rockstar nor Take-Two have commented on the subject. As a reminder, GTA V should soon land on the new console generation, since it was presented at the opening of the PlayStation 5 Showcase in September 2020. Pending the announcement of Grand Theft Auto VI, it seems that GTA V still has a very bright future ahead of it.

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