GTA 6: announced very shortly after a “leak”?

Game News GTA 6: announced very shortly after a “leak”?

Still unannounced, GTA 6 continues to be deliberately anchored in the news and today is the subject of a new rumor that should be taken with a grain of salt: according to a popular internet leaker, the title would be announced very soon.

The broker’s rumors about GTA 6 are innumerable and have been for years – the game is predicted to launch in 2024 at the earliest, some speak of a Take-Two acquisition by Microsoft, while others argue that Bitcoin will be. Rockstar’s primary currency. qualification. And even if the very famous and renowned Jason Schreier has confirmed certain details, it is still difficult to be able to trust all of these elements with complete confidence.

An ad in 2021 and a stage in Miami?

So the latest rumor comes from That’s so bold, influencer who declares according to “new sources” that GTA 6 will be announced in November or December and makes fun with a first video: better yet, it says that the adventure will take place in “Miami” (Vice City, in the universe Grand Theft Auto) and that the playground will be three times bigger than the one in GTA 5.

Some novelties would also see the light, such as hurricanes or alligators, while the map would evolve over time: ThatsSoBold cites, as a point of comparison, the Fortnite map that has gradually adapted to maintain its community.

Once again, we can only advise you not to take this information at face value as a pure precaution: even if it revives the hope of seeing the famous project of the illustrious studio on the star R, it would be far from being the first time this type of rumor it does not work. Fingers crossed anyway, especially since this information has already been passed on by other “insiders” in the past.

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