GTA 6 gameplay videos leaked online

While the next installment of Rockstar Games’ flagship franchise remains more than ever surrounded by gray areas, to the delight of players, it seems that a large number of GTA 6 gameplay videos have been leaked online.

With no way to count on official announcements, Grand Theft Auto license fans have become accustomed to keeping a close eye on Rockstar’s smallest actions and gestures, scouring forums and social media, hoping to find valuable clues about the release of the long-awaited GTA 6.

There have been plenty of leaks so far to give the GTA community food for thought, revealing valuable insights into what the map might look like, the potential protagonists of this new opus, or even its history, but fans of the license have been asking for it. specific things for many months and maybe they finally won their case…

Indeed, it looks like the hacker managed to get his hands on a lot of GTA 6 gameplay videos, videos that he was quick to share on the forum. It is still unclear how plausible this leak is, but be that as it may, the enthusiasm of Internet users is at its peak.

Twitter sphere is in turmoil over this potential GTA 6 leak

Until Rockstar confirms if these leaks are confirmed, it’s hard to tell if they’re genuine. One way or another, these videos have several million views at the time of writing these lines.

It’s no surprise that the “GTA 6” hashtag has quickly become one of the top trends of the day with over 57,000 tweets as netizens struggle to separate truth from lies amidst this avalanche of information.

As debate rages online, we can only hope that this leak, genuine or not, will spur Rockstar to intervene with valuable information in the key.

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