GTA 6: new leaks tell us even more

GTA 6, highly anticipated by gamers, continues to generate rumors and leaks. New leaks reveal the release date and development of the video game.

One thing is for sure, the game from Rockstar Games everyone is looking forward to. Days after the rumor about his PlayStation exclusivity, GTA 6 is still talking about him. This time it’s not a rumor, but a leak. The leaks come from an insider who is very knowledgeable about games from Rockstar Games.

GTA 6: release date planned for 2024?

Leaks about the most lucrative video game license in history don’t come from just anyone. This is Tez2, a popular insider among fans of GTA and other Rockstar Games merchandise. Usually the information it gives out turns out to be. However, details on the contrary should be taken with a grain of salt.

According to Tez2, GTA 6 should become a little more known to the general public before the end of 2023. Soon Rockstar Games should make a big announcement of the long-awaited game. There isn’t much new there, however, as Tom Henderson has already announced that the “biggest announcement of all time” will likely be made between October and November 2023. Thus, players need to know the gameplay, characters, map, etc.

As for the official release, Tez2 claims that the American publisher is planning everything for the 2024 holiday season. That’s only if the studio doesn’t come to delay the release of GTA 6 as some issues are currently popping up internally and causing a withdrawal. some developers.

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Cut items and offer paid DLC

Rockstar Games has launched a return to office policy. Not everyone likes it, and some choose to leave. According to a Tez2 journalist, this issue may delay the release of GTA 6. Therefore, the publisher can only reveal it in 2025.

The administration is also very much afraid of such consequences. She doesn’t want to put things off any longer when there are leaks every time and the game is eagerly awaited. So, to address this issue, Rockstar Games has thought about cutting a few elements from Grand Theft Auto version 6 to offer them as paid DLC.

Paid DLCs

The initial goal was to develop the largest GTA game ever, with a very large map that would offer the player a lot of possibilities. GTA 6, better known internally as Project Americas, is usually supposed to offer a giant map of North and South America. Unfortunately, a revision of this vision is currently on the menu of discussions. The teams will be working on a larger version of the Vice City map.

However, Rockstar is not giving up. Even if the game comes out with a smaller map, it will be constantly updated. New missions and cities will be integrated as updates are released.

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