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GTA VI was already the subject of a major content leak in March 2022. This time the information will concern the likely release date of the game and the existence of DLC projects.

It’s Tez2 on GTAForums telling us that Rockstar’s flagship game will be released much sooner than expected.

Leak hints at likely GTA VI release date and DLC plans

Ever since Rockstar announced the development of the next GTA, there have been rumors around the game. We even received a major 2022 leak that led to legal action against the culprit. This time the information comes to us from a well-informed member of the Gran Theft Auto community, Tez2. According to him, the publisher has scheduled the release of its flagship game at the end of the holidays in 2024.

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It also indicates that studio staff should be “forced back” into the premises. The goal is to speed up production and deliver the finished product within this estimated time frame. This year really marks 10 years since GTA V is already running on three generations of consoles and is starting to fizzle out. However, Tez2 warns that we may delay the release in early 2025.

Extended launch, but?

Rockstar hasn’t made any announcements since the announcement of the game’s development, but that doesn’t apply to the community, which is speculating on various rumors. We even recently had a statement from rapper 50 Cent about his participation in the game, without expanding the topic. Information or intoxication? We do not know.

Tez2’s information, however, implies two main facts if his claims are true. In the first case, players will be able to play GTA VI much earlier than expected. If we rely on Rockstar press releases, the game won’t be released until 2025 or 2026. So this is good news.

The consequences, however, will be dire, because the studio will cut off most of the game. Tez2 also included the presence of a DLC project. So we won’t have the full game right from the start, and of course we’ll have to plan for the cost of each expansion. What is certain is that this new information is dividing the community.

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