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The Gospel of the Guardians of the Galaxy according to Eidos Montreal

In development for a few years, the Guardians of the Galaxy video game adaptation was a risky gamble by Eidos Montreal. It must be said that after last year’s Marvel Avengers cold shower, we had reason to be skeptical. And it wasn’t the first trailer that made me change my mind. Then I got a chance to see a preview of the game and my opinion started to change. We only control one character, there is no multiplayer, we follow a story that seems interesting. It keeps.

Since then, I have been able to start and finish the game before the official launch thanks to a code provided by the studio. Let me tell you, without revealing anything, that the bet is correct. Easily. Guardians of the Galaxy is simply one of the best games of the year and the best-written blockbuster, even beating Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

It’s not perfect, of course, but its qualities more than make up for its flaws. We can easily convert to this new way of doing things. The Eidos Montreal game is truly unique in its vision and execution. The more I think about it, the more I find no game that builds a team of heroes constantly communicating and living an adventure that is poignant, incredible, great, and exciting at the same time. And especially that has nothing to do with the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This is an original story from start to finish.

an extraordinary adventure

If we start the adventure calmly, we quickly find ourselves on board the Milano, our ship, and we are already beginning to interact with the characters. Everyone has their own personality and the voice actors do an extraordinary job. I don’t know if they were in the same room at the time of the recordings (with the pandemic, they probably weren’t), but the emulation is there and the replicas are accelerated. It makes for an animated game that doesn’t feel like it’s written. To just make a parallel with the movies, let’s say it’s a Guardians of the Galaxy movie at 8pm or a comic that comes to life. I would not be against a movie or an animated series with the characters from the game.

If we begin the adventure hunting a monster in a quarantine zone, normally closed at the entrance, we will quickly find ourselves traveling to the ends of the galaxy to save it from an unexpected threat: the Universal Church of Truth, led by the great unifier. Trail. The missions are diverse and varied, but you may well warn yourself, this is a very linear game. On the other hand, how can you do anything else when you want to tell a story as intense as it is extraordinary? Honestly, like Final Fantasy X, linearity is just a detail and is primarily in the service of the story and not the other way around.

The dialogues are the strong point of the game, without a doubt. You feel the camaraderie when the heroes talk to each other. Arguments can even break out and break up. But there is strength and Peter Quill will do his best to be a leader … with our help. In fact, like Mass Effect, for example, we can actively participate in a conversation and make crucial decisions. In fact, these will have an impact on the rest of the adventure. As in Telltale’s fire games, an indication in the upper right of the screen will direct you to the consequences of some of them.

N’oublions pas non plus les excellentes phases d’exploration avec les quelques enigmes qui vont nous enforce à nous creuser les meninges et faire appel aux Gardiens et / ou utiliser les tirs élémentaires pour creer une plateforme de glace, feed a circuit électrique et ainsi early.

Less bright stars

If the constellation formed by the Eidos Montreal game glows brightly, some stars are losing their shine. Starting with the combat system, which I’m not really a fan of. Enemies are mostly hit bags. Our blasters do little damage. So yes, it encourages cooperation with other Guardians, but it’s not necessarily the most practical manipulation. You have to press and hold the left shoulder button, then select the character with the front buttons, and then select the desired attack with one of these same buttons. But be careful, if you go too fast, it won’t work. You may have noticed that there are five doormen and there are only four buttons. For Peter’s special attacks, hold down the left stick.

The sighting system is equally gruesome, not to mention a failure. How many times have I found myself targeting an enemy in the distance by pulling the left trigger instead of the one directly in front? If you think this doesn’t make sense, you are not alone. Then we can also use the environment and put the Guardians to work through contextual actions. Groot can use the roots present, Rocket can lay mines, Gamora can crumble objects by cutting a wire, and Drax can send large objects. However, you must be at a precise distance: not too close and not too far. In the heat of the moment, when you see the icon and have identified the object in question, but it doesn’t work, it’s very frustrating.

Then there are the elemental attacks. Peter’s blasters can fuse together, leading to ice, lightning, wind, or fire attacks. These are used both in the exploration phases to unlock passages and against enemies. But there is always a definite action to be taken when Peter first discovers these abilities that come with moments of panic. I challenge you to get it right the first time, the first time, with no indication other than what is happening on the screen.

Finally, there is the group. I only have one question: why? In short, when the bar on the right is full, we can trigger the famous huddle: Peter will gather his allies who will tell him how they feel about the fight and the objective is to choose the correct answer between two to gain defense and attack bonuses . Except this sequence is endless and completely breaks the rhythm. The only good thing is that it plays a song that replaces the background music for a while.

Anyway, it is a very personal feeling that perhaps (surely) betrays my level in video games. I still find these frustrations legitimate. Fortunately, however annoying these imperfections may be, they do not detract from all the richness of the universe portrayed. We appreciate the New Game + feature that allows you to restart a game with the skills we learned and collect the bonuses we lost during our previous game, such as alternate costumes.

A top-tier achievement for the Guardians

In terms of technique, there is nothing to complain about. The game is beautiful, very colorful with various backgrounds and very well done characters. I had a little problem with the representation of Peter at first. This pretentious blonde reminded me of brothers and YouTubers Logan and Jake Paul, two personalities that horrify me. But once we get over it, everything is fine.

So there is no Ray-Tracing for the tested version, but this feature will be offered with the day one patch according to the study. This is a good surprise for owners of new generation consoles; the game will be even more beautiful.

The soundtrack is onion. Richard Jacques, the songwriter, doesn’t just make some great pieces (but not nearly as iconic as Tyler Bates’ Guardians of the MCU track). That said, the songs of the 80s are well chosen and above all, the fictional group Star Lord, created for the occasion with an album that would have had its place at that time, should be saluted. It is an original and brilliant idea that integrates perfectly with the decoration.


The best

  • Adventure and travel
  • The dialogues
  • Characters
  • Humor
  • The soundtrack
  • Very pretty
  • Big
  • The original story

The least

  • The combat system
  • Some QTE

Final note

8 / 10

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