Guerrilla Games presents 14 minutes of Horizon: Forbidden West on PlayStation 5

But no release date

Almost a year after the PlayStation 5 reveal conference, a new State of Play features Horizon: Forbidden West 14 minutes of gameplay. Although scheduled for later this year, the title of Guerrilla Games has still no release date.

We’re not going to lie to each other, most of the action phases seem very scripted, but technical improvements made possible by the latest version of the Decima Engine and the power of PlayStation 5 are ubiquitous and very impressive. Remains to know game resolution (the video is available in 4K), and at what framerate it will run (it was indeed 60 FPS everywhere, as long as it lasted).

From character animation (no more expressionless faces), with light effects through the level of detail of the decorations (especially the seabed), we feel that the next-gen is finally here, although we must not forget that the title should be eventually available on PlayStation 4 (which is likely to take off when the game is launched).

Presented by its game director, Mathijs de Jonge, this State of Play also briefly presents Aloy’s new capabilities and tools, offering tactical and exploration options additional.

Thus, the Researcher can now swim and explore the seabed, use a glider become the best friend of exploration games (and the upcoming partnership with Fortnite), use a grapple to reach heights quickly and climb much more surfaces than before (highlighted by the Focus d’Aloy).

The fight is not outdone, since if we find the weak point system of archery machines, Aloy masters new techniques that should deepen melee combat, including a “fury” worthy of a fighting game that pushes enemies around. New gadgets should also respond, such as sticky bomb which freezes a machine a little too lively, ideal for stick an arrow right where it is needed.

This State of Play has mainly focused on Horizon: Forbidden West gameplay mechanics, while highlighting its high level achievement, but the presentation does not address any new features brought to its open-world aspect.

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