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In Outriders, players have the opportunity to level up their character but also the world. These are world levels, allowing you to gain more experience and loot against an increased difficulty. So how do you get them up quickly and efficiently? The answer in this new guide.

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In the game of People Can Fly, Outriders, it is possible to level up your character by going through the main and side missions. At the same time, it is also the level of the world that will evolve (15 in total). Represented by a second gauge (yellow) below that of the character’s level, the world level is a very interesting mechanic. Indeed, these levels condition the difficulty of the adventure.. You will have already understood it: the more you increase in the world levels, the more difficult the game will be since the enemies will be present in number and more difficult. It also means that you will get more experience and better equipment / loots of all kinds. (increasingly rare and also more numerous). Evil for good, then, if the challenge is not too high of course.

Preliminary remarks

Moreover, on this subject, note that it is quite possible to change world level at any time via the pause menu of the game. On the other hand, it is absolutely necessary to play with the last world level obtained in order to increase the gauge in question and thus progress.. For example, if you are at world level 9 but the confrontation is too difficult for you, you can switch to level 8. On the other hand, you will not have greater loot bonuses and you will not increase the level 9 gauge. Especially since each death, you will lose some world level experience.

It is therefore appropriate for everyone to find the right balance between difficulty and progression.. Small note on this subject: if you experience difficulty during a fight, before downgrading to world level, make sure you have the best loot on you both in terms of weapons and equipment. armor. Also consider playing with friends or a group, if you haven’t already (the procedure here).

How to climb world levels quickly and efficiently?

A question that finds a relatively simple answer. It is of course enough to play, to play and to play again. Indeed, by progressing in the main adventure, you will naturally go through the levels world. But this is not the only element that should grab your attention, quite the contrary. Outriders is full of various missions.

You can boost your progress by stepping away from the main mission and completing the side quests. In this regard, we have noticed that the hunts (creatures to be slaughtered) and the contracts (enemy leader to kill) were relatively interesting: the enemies being in large numbers, you quickly gain experience for your character and your world level. Note that by completing a side quest, you will have the choice among three rewards. By repeating the said quest, you will then obtain a second loot while still gaining experience for your character and the world level. Thus, if you are fond of the game, do not hesitate to farm the missions, whether secondary or annex, in order to improve your character and have more difficulty for even more loot.

As a reminder, Outriders is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.

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