Guiglo: A former soldier arrested with drugs worth 3,200,000 FCFA

Eight (8) 8 kilogram blocks of cannabis were seized. (DR)

Five (5) years in prison for Nioulé Vanniwlé Bonaventure, a 43-year-old demobilized soldier, domiciled in Adjamé-Dallas. This father was convicted of drug trafficking by the Guiglo Court on September 21, 2021. The facts. Based on anonymous information indicating the presence of a demobilized military man with a suspicious look, elements of the Guiglo anti-drug police intercepted a public transport vehicle on Thursday, September 9, 2021, around 10 in the morning, in the Zagné’s post in the Tai department in the Cavally region.

After subjecting the vehicle to a search with a fine comb, the police discovered a suitcase of the demobilized soldier. In it, eight (8) blocks of cannabis of 8 kilograms were carefully stored under clothes, each of which 1 kg of cannabis is sold for 50,000. Which would give a total of 3,200,000 FCfa.

When asked at the helm, the former soldier indicated that to meet the needs of his family he was engaged in this trade prohibited by Côte d’Ivoire law. Continuing, he made it known that he obtains his supplies from a merchant called “Ablo” in Adjamé-Dallas, an Ivorian newspaper reported.


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