Guild Wars 2: ArenaNet looks back on a “difficult year 2019” and discusses the new features to come

Andrew Gray, Lead Game Designer for Guild Wars 2, spoke on the official game forums. The opportunity to return to the “harshest period for the studio” and discuss the content planned for the coming months.

It’s an understatement to say that 2019 was a difficult year for ArenaNet: 143 employees (i.e. a third of the total workforce) were dismissed, unannounced games were canceled and President Mike O’Brien left to found a new studio. Andrew Gray nevertheless remains positive and promises a future “full of good surprises”:

Even though a large part of the people who left us in 2019 were not involved in the daily development of Guild Wars 2, they were still our friends, colleagues, even our family, in the literal sense. All teams have been affected by these numerous departures. I think we can be proud of the work accomplished in these circumstances, but we are also aware of the legacy we now have responsibility for with Guild Wars 2. Far from being content with the status quo, we are all committed to providing you with a always better game. We have made our mark, and we have exciting plans for the future of GW2. I can’t tell you about the one I like the most, but I can tell you that in 2020, we are going to lay the foundations for a future full of good surprises. To avoid spoilers, I’m not going to give you too many details on episodes 3 and 4, but I can tell you that the map is focused on meta with a dynamic that recalls McM in a PvE environment. We want this season’s cards to stand out to become a permanent part of your gaming experience. It is for this reason that the highlight of the Bjora Boundary is a world boss, and that we are working hard to provide great replayability for cards in episodes 3 and 4. We want to offer you a unique, fun and rewarding experience that will fit into your daily or weekly game cycle.

Gray also explains that the team “focus more on repeatable content”, namely open world events, World Bosses, McM and fractals. A brand new fractal, which will offer a challenge mode, is notably under construction. “We want to create things that have a positive and lasting impact on the game”, can we read. Regarding the raids, no concrete announcement. Gray recognizes that they attract few players because of a “huge gap in difficulty with other level 80 content”. PvP is not mentioned in the message, but a major balancing patch is planned.

In the immediate future, Guild Wars 2 players will be treated to a “new type of special content” called Visions of the Past before the release of Episode 3 of the Living World. Andrew Gray’s full message is available here.

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