Guilty of disrespecting mutoi on social media – Radio1 Tahiti

He posted a video on a social network in which he insults a municipal police officer who came to insult him during curfew. The court of first instance sentenced him to a fine of 155,000 French francs.

On the night of January 16, 2021, in Pira, during the curfew period, a member of the municipal police entered the defendant’s house due to night noise. The policeman finds at the scene of people drinking alcohol on the public highway, but, condescendingly, withholds only a ticket for night noise.

The police left, the frustrated citizen filmed himself to insult and name a municipal police officer before releasing the video. The next day the policeman will find it. Out of remorse or on the advice of relatives, the defendant deleted the recording, but the damage was done.

The policeman’s lawyer asked that acts of disrespect towards the police not be “trivial behavior” while municipal police officers work for the benefit of public peace. Such behavior is not “acceptable” for the prosecution. After sentencing the defendant to fines, damages and legal costs totaling 155,000 XPF (including 30,000 probation), the judge, after watching the one-day stream, concluded: “Freedom of expression ends where insult begins.

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