Guinea/Interpool: capture of an important weapon of war

The national coordination of the operation TRIGGER VIII, through the overall leadership of the national police, presented on Thursday, September 8, the results of TRIGGER III to the Ministry of Security and Civil Protection.

TRIGGER VIII is an operation initiated by INTERPOL in 2017 in eight (8) countries in West and Central Africa, namely Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Mauritania, Central Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Togo, Chad and Guinea, selected in as a pilot country.

It consists of collecting, sharing and analyzing all information on firearms crimes in order to combat terrorism, violent offenders and arms dealers.

In Guinea, the operation deployed 42 officers and leaders responsible for the enforcement of the law at the airport, autonomous port, Conakry marinas and inland, in particular in Kindia and at the Pamelap, Bundufurdu border posts. and Kuremali. As a result, 49 military weapons, 2 chargers, 4 defensive grenades, 3 projectiles, 10 homemade firearms, 20.14 kg of cannabis, 1,056 exadone pads and 2 tramadol pads were seized.

When the results were presented, clerks at three courts of first instance in Conakry demanded frank cooperation from security forces, in particular to learn how to preserve specific seals, their spokesman Umar Barry said.

According to Commissioner Nabi Laie Fofana, strategic coordinator for Operation TRIGGER VIII, the operation allowed Guinea to obtain a database of stolen, lost, confiscated firearms that are under judicial investigation. Provide information on illegal possession of firearms in security offices and trial court registries in Conakry and Kindia, and finally contribute to the database of the Interpol firearms program iARMS.

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