Hacker geohot will no longer help Elon Musk

George Hotz is finally not completing his 12-week Twitter internship. The one otherwise known as geohot decided to leave, only announcing a job last month.

“I quit Twitter today. I appreciated this opportunity, but I don’t think I can make any real impact there. Also, it was sad to see my GitHub wither. Let’s get back to coding!” George Hotz wrote on Twitter.

After supporting Elon Musk in the extremely hard work of the remaining employees of his $44 billion social network, George Hotz agreed to work first on improving and fixing Twitter search.

George Hotz leaves without regrets

Elon Musk’s unexpected support didn’t really last long, as George Hotz, for example, didn’t taste changes like banning competing social media links from Twitter. A ban that was short-lived.

George Hotz pointed out the “absolutely ridiculous” rule, and he also took up the façade of freedom of expression. After that, he posted a poll on his Twitter account asking, “Should I quit my Twitter internship?” It doesn’t matter if the “No” vote gets 64%. Such a poll echoes Elon Musk’s poll about his resignation as CEO of Twitter.

Despite leaving Twitter much earlier than expected, George Hotz still wants Twitter 2.0 to succeed. In any case, it will be without his contribution.

An unexpected recruit for Twitter (and Elon Musk)

Known for hacking the iPhone at the age of 17 and for being the first to hack the Sony PlayStation 3 video game console at the age of 20, American hacker geohot is now 33 years old. He recently retired from running his AI and deep learning startup

Together with, he worked on a technology for autonomous driving of vehicles based on machine learning algorithms. sells a driver assistance system development kit compatible with over 200 vehicles.

It’s hard to come up with a system that’s cheaper than Tesla Motors’ autopilot mode and adapts to mainstream vehicles, which was the reason why was created. Recently, George Hotz is more perceived as a critic and close enemy of Elon Musk.

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