Hackers stole the personal data of 5.4 million Twitter accounts

For 5.4 million Twitter accounts, the user’s email address and owner’s phone number are in a database compiled by hackers. Hackers would take advantage security breach as a result of code update in June 2021. The issue was reportedly already fixed in January after reward for error, but according to Twitter’s own admissions, the hack happened earlier. While Twitter initially stated that there was no evidence that this vulnerability was being exploited, the site disagrees. Beeping Computer.

According to his investigation, at least one pirate identified by the nickname “devil”, collected this data from more than 5.4 million accounts (5,485,636 to be exact). He would even try to sell this information on the forum hackers for 30,000 dollars. Among these data there is information about celebrities, companies or government organizations.

Security breach dated June 2021.

It was only after analyzing the data posted on the forum that the social network confirmed that this user data had been compromised. If it remains difficult to know if only 5.4 million accounts were actually affected by the leak, in any case, Twitter indicated that it would inform interested users.

To avoid this type of identity theft, Twitter advise enable two-factor authentication. Similarly, it’s best to be vigilant when receiving an email that appears to be from Twitter, especially if it asks you to click on a link to enter your credentials.

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