Hades and Katana Zero could both land on PS4 soon

Usually, the spirits are heated the announcement of the potential port to Switch of a title acclaimed by critics. But because time flies and passes and passes, and generational renewal is a game-changer, the prospect of seeing two small Indies land on PlayStation 4 now fuels the same hopes.

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And how not to rejoice at the idea of ​​seeing Hades out on PS4? The nervous and ancient roguelike that will certainly have marked the year 2020 with its isometric seal could indeed arrive soon on the PlayStation Store, since the very South Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee, the local organization in charge of the classification, briefly let the information escape, before withdrawing it.

Faster than lightning, a ResetERA forumer will have taken the time to translate the file, which surprisingly lets Take-Two Interactive appear in the role of the editor, where the developers of SuperGiant Games had hitherto managed like greats. And if this port were to become official, the first question that would arise would undoubtedly be: “And has also been released on PS5, your thing?” While waiting to know the answer, you can always go through the test of our invincible Feather.

Give me a slice

Chance of affinities, it is also our long-haired apprentice-samura who had made a Katana ZERO spell: the 2D action game with a skilfully studied look could also find its way to the old-gen Sony console.

This time, it was the well-known Entertainment Software Rating Board located across the Atlantic that leaked the information, and the adventure which should be extended this year with a very substantial DLC could take advantage of this port to make a stone two birds.

Let’s hope that these two leaks materialize, and don’t hesitate to tell us about your desires for shameful portages in the comments below.

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