Half-Life 3 confirmed? What we learn from the end of Half Life: Alyx

Game News Half-Life 3 confirmed? What we learn from the end of Half Life: Alyx

A new Half Life game has been released and you want to know what we learn from its scenario. Problem, you do not have a virtual reality headset and do not plan to take one: it is understandable given the cost of the maneuver, representing at least 200 € investment. Unfortunately for you, there is probably no chance that the game will be released in a non-VR version since it was designed and produced using this technology. But rest assured is there and will explain to you what Half-Life: Alyx teaches us about the overall fabric of the saga, and why it acts as big teasing for a possible sequel, the mythical and long-awaited Half- Life 3…

Above all, be warned, the events that we are going to tell here spoil the plot of several games: Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode 2, and Half-Life: Alyx. If you want to do one of these three games, we advise you to quit the video … Is it good? Everybody is ready ? Let’s go…

At the start of Half-Life Alyx, we are reminded that the game is a prequel and takes place 5 years before the destruction of the citadel, and 5 years before the death of Eli Vance, who will be killed at the end of Half Life 2: Episode 2, which is the last known cliffhanger in history, without having been entitled to the aftermath of events, which was however planned in the form of a Half-Life 2: Episode 3. The goal of Alyx in this spin-off is to access the Vault, a safe floating above City 17 and reinforced by dozens of cables at the base of which Vortigaunts are trapped.

Inside this chest is a super-weapon, which we will initially consider destroying, before realizing that it is actually a prison specially designed to lock up someone who has survived the events of Black Mesa and is visibly very powerful. We will immediately think of Gordon Freeman, kept in stasis by the mysterious G-Man at the end of Half-Life.

Except that by opening the Safe at the end of Half Life: Alyx, we discover that the prisoner is actually the G-Man himself, held captive by the power of the Vortigaunts held in slavery by the Cartel. How long has he been there? No idea, especially since he travels between time and space, so it’s strange to say that such a being can be locked up, even by the Vortigaunts who had already proven their influence on his powers. .

Impressed by this rescue mission, the G-Man believes that Alyx could interest his mysterious employers, and would also make a good replacement for a Gordon Freeman a bit reluctant. To thank her for releasing her, G-Man offers Alyx to flex time and space to change a specific item. She then wishes that the Cartel had never come to Earth, which is far too big according to the G-Man, who proposes instead to erase a tragedy that has not yet occurred, namely the death of ‘Eli Vance, Alyx’s father, who must die at the end of Half-Life 2: Episode 2. Alyx accepts, kills the Cartel Advisor, in the future, and finds himself in stasis, awaiting a mission , as Gordon has done several times during his adventures. And … It’s the end of the game … But it has a post-credit sequence, rest assured.

In this short passage, we are directly propelled to the end of Half Life 2 Episode 2, in an alternative version where Eli Vance is still alive. We play Gordon Freeman directly for about ten seconds and Eli is, very strangely, aware that his daughter has just disappeared, because of the G-Man, whom we see elsewhere in the corner of the room. Chien joins us with the famous crowbar, and we are entrusted with the emblematic weapon of the saga, telling us that we have work to finish …

Here. In this way, Half-Life: Alyx erases Valve’s misstep, which got a little bogged down in this episodic format that will never end. By removing this reality, thanks to the action of Alyx, not only the female character becomes much more than a simple side-kick and officially enters the service of the G-Man, but in addition, Gordon and Eli are again in the race, on the way to a victory, then we are teased … By the way, this confirms the draft script available for a few years on the web and which was to be the structure of Half Life 2 Episode 3, ending on a suicide mission aboard the Borealis. In this end, the Vortigaunts had to recover Gordon, and G-Man recovered Alyx, proof that from the beginning, Alyx was doomed to be a stasis agent.

So, Half-Life 2: Episode 3, Half-Life 3? A VR suite or to play “normally”? Difficult to see clearly for now, but it would be quite strange on the part of Valve to finish its new game Half Life on a teasing, without having planned to follow up… Not after having awkwardly made this same move there is 13 years. So here we have two new possible quests: finish once and for all the war against the Cartel, but also save Alyx from the clutches of the G-Man, who more than ever appears as a being not so invincible as that …

One thing is certain, Half-Life: Alyx is more than just a Spin-off, it is a test to put the saga back in the saddle and give it new impetus. It only remains to find what technology or evolution of the video game will make a possible new opus a title in its own right … At the writing we have some ideas, and we are quite curious to know yours in comments of the video …


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