Half-Life: Alyx A mod for playing without a VR headset is available

A true Valve flagship and cornerstone of the FPS genre, the Half-Life series has recently returned to us after more than a decade of absence. Problem for some players, it is absolutely necessary to have a virtual reality headset in order to be able to play it officially. Fortunately, the community is there to please everyone.

Already very invested in the decryption of Half-Life: Alyx, the fans have just published a very interesting tool, a mod allowing to get rid of the VR headset. The whole is signed R57Zone, a modder who published the result of his research on GitHub, thus allowing those who wish to take advantage of it. The process to install it is explained on this same page, while the developer warns us about some problems inherent in this “alternative version” of the experience. Without a helmet, some passages obviously become more difficult, so be prepared to cheat a little.

Half-Life: Alyx – The first 14 minutes of gameplay in French


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