Half-Life: Alyx – A multiplayer mod where to play a robot

Game news Half-Life: Alyx – A multiplayer mod where to play a robot

PC gamers are used to seeing their community modify games, improve them, add features to them … Fans of Half-Life: Alyx have managed to add a multiplayer mode to the game of Valve, a little peculiar.

Mods that add multiplayer to a video game are common, but this often involves tweaks, sometimes quite unusual. Alyx-Multiplayer, the mod adding a multiplayer mode to Half-Life: Alyx, is one of these. Indeed, if a friend joins your game of Half-Life: Alyx thanks to this mod, you can both play. However, he will join you in the form of a floating robot, who can follow you and help you with certain tasks. He won’t be able to hold a pistol in his hand like you, but you will be able to advance through the story of Half-Life: Alyx as a two-man, which the base game did not allow.

The mod code is open-source, and you can download it from the mod site. The site tells us that the participants in the creation of this mod are numerous, but in particular cite: DerkO, Lyfeless, 2838, Kube, contributors to LiveSplit and SuperSimpleTCP. The site details instructions for installing and using the mod, as well as ways to contact them and help them with their development and optimization work. As with any mod, install it carefully if you’re interested.

As a reminder, modders had already published a mod to play Alyx without a virtual reality headset. Half-Life: Alyx was released on March 23, 2020 on PC.

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