Half-Life: Alyx Its designer can’t wait to see a non-VR game mod

Half-Life: Alyx is finally available and its return seems convincing to say the least. However, many players still regret that this new video game experience is exclusive to virtual reality. Modders have therefore attacked the implementation of a mod allowing to play without a VR headset, but according to Valve, this is simply a bad idea.

We suspected it, but separating Half-Life: Alyx from what it is designed for, that is to say a full-fledged experience in virtual reality, is not the best option. Robin Walker, the game’s designer, says at the microphone of VGC that the removal of the mandatory VR headset is inevitable and that it is not against it, however, he is impatient to see the reaction of the players once the game is in their hands. For him, the absence of VR would only accentuate how vital technology is to fully live this new experience.

What is certain is that when people get this non-VR version, they will have lost everything we got by switching to VR. They will then understand very clearly why we made this choice. There is a part of me which is impatient to see this version, so that people can say to themselves: “Oh, now I see all that we have lost and I understand why they did it in VR.”

As a reminder, the game Half-Life: Alyx was decorated with a nice 18/20 in our columns. If you want to know if it is essential or not to get the game or even a VR headset, we advise you to read or re-read the test by clicking here.

Half-Life: Alyx – Our opinion in three minutes


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