Half-Life: Alyx Robin Walker thinks a non-VR mod will someday arrive

Released yesterday evening, Half-Life: Alyx has been completely thought out in VR, and presents itself as a real success. However, Valve believes that a non-VR mod will arrive someday.

More precisely, it is Robin Walker, at the origin of the Team Fortress mod for Quake, then hired by Valve, who says it. Asked about it by Polygon, the one who was a programmer on Half-Life: Alyx notably declares that the creation of such a mode will allow players to understand how virtual reality is essential to the experience:

Yes, it will happen. (…) There are a number of people on the team who are concerned about this. Personally, that doesn’t worry me at all. (…) I don’t mean to encourage you to do it, but it will happen. I think people will then, I hope, have an even greater understanding of why we decided to build the title in virtual reality.

However, a handsome player, Walker indicates that he only asks to be wrong:

If people play (in a non VR mode, editor’s note) and say it’s just as good, that will teach me a lot. I would realize that I was wrong, (…) and I like to know every time I am wrong.


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