HalfLife Incursion VR wave mod for Alyx is now available

VR gamers and especially HalfLife Alyx fans will be happy to know that a new wavebased battle mod for Alyx in the form of HalfLife Incursion is now available for you to download and test your skills. Designed to provide a hardcore virtual reality onslaught of enemies, you must collect weapons, ammo and upgrades to last as long as possible against everincreasing pressure from Alliance soldiers.

Invasion features include an hourlong campaign with nonlinear objectives; choose your route to upgrade and develop weapons, an open arena with random enemy spawn locations indicated by an alarm and a combination force field, random ammo and resin spawns to vary in each playthrough, deployable antitheft mines; place them strategically to increase your chances, along with “high fidelity environments” for combat, built to emulate and inspired by the quality of the main campaign.

HalfLife Invasion”

“When Alyx Vance finds herself on the wrong side of the Quarantine Zone, she only has her wits, a weapon, and Russell to help her get back to City 17. But it won’t be easy: the Alliance has her trapped in one of their checkpoints, and she’ll need to manage her resources and use smart tactics to escape… or stay for some target shooting. There are many resources scattered around, be it resin, ammo, health, or weapon caches. If you look closely enough, you may find some wellhidden resources that can help you in your fight.”

“Fortunately, there is a Combine factory nearby. Use this to your advantage if you can catch a break. Go from just carrying Russell’s old pistol to a fully equipped arsenal of your choice. You will inevitably run out of resources from time to time, but there is plenty of room for improvisation. It will be a tough fight. The odds are against you and you have been cornered. Use your campaign experience to gain an advantage over the Alliance.”

Source: Steam

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