Halloween 2022: 7 Horrible Video Games for a Hellish Evening

Here are 8 video games you can play alone or with friends to give you a little scare on Halloween night.

Everyone loves October because it marks both the start of autumn and the arrival of Halloween, one of the most fun holidays of the year. As houses are decked out in black and orange, cobwebs are all the rage, and kids are rushing to the dressing room, adults are just waiting to feel the chills and immerse themselves in the scary atmosphere (while staying safe and warm at home).

Therefore, video games are the best way to combine all these desires. Between pure horror and gloomy atmosphere, here are 7 games that will entertain you on the evening of October 31st to consume without slowing down, if, however, you have no heart.


If you like games with immersion and storytelling, The Quarry will take you to a terrifying universe. Its story is a classic: you follow a group of young instructors in holiday camps who, one night when everything changes, will have to endure their worst nightmare. Then you have a choice and it won’t be easy.

The Quarry is a very simple adventure game, so it will suit all horror fans, even those who are new to video games. We also love its crazy cast, which features world famous actors, all in a more than thrilling motion capture adventure.

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Ghostwire Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo is a PlayStation exclusive that takes you to superstitious Japan as it faces its demons once and for all. A mysterious entity has taken over the city of Tokyo, and as a survivor, it’s up to you to figure out how to save humanity. Along the way, you will encounter various figures from terrifying Japanese folklore, including ghosts and other supernatural characters.

Far from the classics of the genre, Ghostwire Tokyo is a very interesting game because it focuses more on action and adventure than fear. Therefore, the game should be available to a large number of people, although not in all hands.

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Cult of the Lamb

Less gruesome than the typical spooky Halloween vibe, Cult of the Lamb is a roguelite game where you play as a lamb turned master of a satanic cult. Even its cute graphics and electric gameplay can’t erase the creepy and insane side of the game’s story.

The goal is to cleanse the lands of the old faith and train the weak little animals you encounter. You can then decide to use them and brainwash them or build a strong community based on goodwill (but that’s a lot less fun). So you are here on the dark side of the force, a feeling we are not used to as the Day of the Dead approaches.


For those who are familiar with the Werewolf board game, Eville will not be superfluous. Based on the same principle of a wolf in a fold, this game promises you a torturous game as you have to find out who the conspirator is through your investigation and deduction skills by completing tasks and killing monsters and magical creatures.

Classic gameplay, but damn effective, especially if you decide to play it with friends. Eville can really be a great digital party game.

Martha is dead

We’re back a head (or two) back on the horror side with Martha Is Dead, one of the genre’s best sellers this year. If he’s caused a stir, it’s only because he considers it a point of honor to injure you. The psychological thriller-like game is set in the midst of World War II when Julia discovers that her sister Martha has drowned. Therefore, we must succeed in separating the truth from the lies in this false ghost story that mixes superstition and war trauma.

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Dead by daylight

We couldn’t tell you about Halloween without mentioning Dead By Daylight, the flagship game for multiplayer horror fans. Already 8 years old, the name is no longer very young and yet it continues to entertain us like on the first day. This is no doubt thanks to the large amount of new content added along the way, and thus its terrifying atmosphere that is always up to date.

Recently, the second Resident Evil expansion has been released, offering players the opportunity to embody the iconic characters from one of the oldest horror game franchises. Therefore, this is an excuse or never to redo a game or two. We remind you that in multiplayer games you have the option to play either as a big bad man hunter or as one of the other members whose goal is to survive at all costs.

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We conclude this collection with another classic of the genre, the Amnesia saga. These adventure games, whose genre was at its peak a few years ago, remind us of just how effective a simple, well-executed horror game can be. If we mention them, it’s because Amnesia: Collection, as well as the youngest, Amnesia: Rebirth, have been available in the Xbox Game Pass catalog since October 20, just in time for Halloween.

Thus, this is an opportunity to immerse yourself in this symbolic franchise that has given its signs of nobility to all sorts of screamers. Also on Game Pass, don’t miss Phantom Abyss and Soma.

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