Halo Infinite: a calendar reveals artworks and confirms the return of the Chopper

While fans can no longer wait for the big comeback of Halo Infinite which will take place next Sunday, a calendar printer has leaked some artworks of the game that will help to wait until the reveal at E3.

New artworks and the return of the Chopper

If two artworks have already been seen on numerous occasions, this calendar reveals 10 others from which we can draw some elements that will appear in the next installment of Halo. We obviously find the very green elements of Halo Zeta that we had already seen in the various in-engine trailers as well as during the gameplay reveal during the Xbox Games Showcase 2020.

If we knew that the Master Chief will be accompanied by Marines to help him accomplish his missions, we discover him this time in action alongside 3 other Spartans equipped with an assault rifle, sniper rifle, but also of the new shotgun unveiled during the gameplay reveal.

One of the images depicts the discovery scene of the Master Chief floating in space. This obviously refers to the trailer for E3 2019 when the Major is found and hastens to return to his occupations.

An artwork reveals the presence of a BR sight different from the one we saw in the one-minute gameplay trailer released after the first presentation. It is reminiscent of the one we had available in Halo 4. Perhaps it will be possible to change accessories, which does not seem unlikely as there is an improvement menu in the single player campaign.

Finally, the last image shows a squadron of Brutes ready to attack with the help of Choppers! This therefore offers us a first visual of this vehicle which marks its return to the series after being inducted into Halo 3 and having been used to do a lot of murderous follies in multiplayer!

Some of these elements will probably be illustrated in the new presentation of Halo Infinite on the occasion of the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase this Sunday from 7:00 p.m. French time. Halo Infinite will of course be integrated into Xbox Game Pass on the day of its release and will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC via Steam and Windows 10. Finally, remember that multiplayer will be Free-to-Play.

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