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Using audio logs to help convey the story of a game is nothing new. In fact, the audio recordings aren’t even new to Halo, as Sadie’s story in Halo 3: ODST is one of the most memorable parts of an already incredibly memorable game, and the Halo 4 terminals provided details on the keys. of the Didacte. Halo 5 used them too. But Halo Infinite, through its “open ring” campaign, handles audio logs in a contextually compelling way: to tell many facets of the larger story of Zeta Halo’s fight between the UNSC and the Outcasts, which took place. before the start of the Master Chief’s intervention.

You’ll find snippets of data scattered around Zeta Halo, and they contain audio logs that fall into three categories: UNSC, Banned, and Spartans. There are also the Forerunners files. But there are multiple stories within these groups. “The audio recordings have given us the opportunity to fill in some gaps that players can experience at their own pace,” said Paul Crocker, associate creative director for Halo Infinite. “Each of those things leads to a different kind of connection in the game, whether it’s the Marines you meet, the Spartans and what happened to some of them.” [etc.] »

Crocker calls them “highly polished radio parts” and fortunately you don’t have to worry about reconstructing the history of these recordings yourself. Some tell unique stories related to where you find them, but most tell a bigger story. You can uncover the data blocks in any order and they will be read in linear order so that you hear the story as it was meant to be experienced. But 343 was eager to make sure finding one didn’t stop the action. “We make conscious decisions with the audio recordings of the game,” Crocker begins. “For example, when you find one, you can press X and retrieve it or you can press and hold [X] pressed and you can read it [immédiatement]. And then we’ve deliberately said that if you hold down that button and choose to play, it will take precedence over everything else. So if you just want to walk through the game, listen to the data blocks, and have your story library moving through the game with you except for one scene, that will take precedence. Everything else is somewhat muted. “

343 qualifies the audio records as “very wordy radio elements”

Halo 4 terminals have been criticized for hiding too much key story information, and Halo franchise writer Jeff Easterling agrees that the team of 343 is trying to find a better balance for Halo Infinite. ” I think that [les enregistrements audio] they’re a good way to balance that: ‘What are some stories that we can tell that are rewarding? but they are not mandatory, ‘”he says. “They are there for the players who want to scratch themselves a little bit below the surface. “

Easterling hopes that having multiple points of view in the audio logs will give players multiple ways to access this great optional component of the Infinite story. “One of the ways that we specifically design the story is that there are themes that you can also choose from,” he says. “So there will be people who want to see it all, of course, but there may be people who come across a specific story arc or a particular thread and say, ‘Oh, I want to. . “

“They provide a great way to dive into a bigger story,” adds Crocker. “And at the same time, they can be more humane because, let’s be honest, if you put a group of Marines in the back of your Warthog and throw yourself off a cliff top, you don’t really think about that. Who will happen to these. Marines at the time as a player. But as a Chief, you want to have that kind of reason why you’re protecting humanity. And that’s what [ces audio logs] damage. “

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