Halo: The Master Chief Collection could accommodate up to 60 players!

The tracking that Xbox provides to support Halo: The Master Chief Collection is quite admirable. More than six years after its release, the developers continue to offer regular updates and new content for this compilation, and there could be a game mode with a large number of players coming soon.

60 player games in Halo?

343 Industries has looked into the issue of the maximum number of players at the same time in a game, and we learn that the teams are “studying” the possibility of modifying this limit and increasing it quite significantly.

In a session stream captured below, producer Sean Swidersky confirmed that 343 Industries is studying the possibility of going well beyond the 16 player maximum per game, and using the example of 40 or 60 player games.

Although no details were revealed this time around, we can guess that the study is in earnest as Sean Swidersky clarifies that he doesn’t want to spoil too much.

Before E3, we gave some details on the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite with, in particular, the arrival of a new great game mode which would be an evolution of the Big Team Battle. 343 Industries could thus test games with a very large number of players in the MCC as a test before the arrival of Halo Infinite.

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