Hao: toddlers learn to eat the vegetables they grow Polynesia the 1st

Promote the short circuit, a concept applied with kindergarten students from Hao. After planting and cultivating different vegetables, they prepared them in different recipes for tasting.

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Eat what you produce. In a way, favor the short circuit. In Hao, kindergarten children recently experienced it. Since the beginning of the school year, these students have participated in the program “A pãtia te rima i roto i te repo, i reira ia ‘oe e tãmã’a ai” or “cultivate the land so you can feed yourself”. In this context and with the help of the teachers, they cultivated a small vegetable garden at the school and carried out actions around this theme in collaboration with the CETAD of the college.

So to go to the end of this program, this week 20 students of SP / SM and 24 students of SM / SG went to CETAD of the college of Hao which has a kitchen, for the last stage of this project entitled “from the vegetable garden to the ‘plate “.

Under the direction of chef Sébastien Barthélémy, the little chefs have created a few dessert recipes, with local ingredients, such as: coconut rocks, banana cake, carrot muffin or taro cake. The children were responsible for putting the ingredients in the bowl, mixing everything and garnishing the dishes. The major members of CETAD, for their part, were responsible for making the ingredients available, supervising the smooth running of operations and carrying out the cooking.

After all this, there was of course the tasting to delight the taste buds of young and old alike.

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Listen to Norbert Vanaa, the teacher who is interviewed by Mathieu Allot:

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