Happ-e offers: the best of cheap electricity, gas and a dual contract?

Why should energy contracts be a source of concern? Taking gas from one and using electricity in another is not life. The best energy providers have a solution to this problem. French supplier Happy-e is playing in the big leagues right now with great deals. In fact, happy-e offers include both electricity and gas in their contracts. Some sentences of happiness are also dual, that is, they include both energies at the same time. As a result, you can get significant discounts and, as a result, great savings. We offer you a 360 ° panorama of the most beautiful happy offers available in July.

Happ-e offers: up to -10% discount on electricity contract

Electricity or gas bills are easy to understand. Simply put, it issubscription, kWh consumption and taxes like a CTA. In Happy-E, as elsewhere, it works logically.

Angie can be proud of her foal. Indeed, happy-e is the brainchild that all parents would like to have, and French consumers of electricity too. With it, there is a 10% discount on the price excluding VAT per kWh of electricity. Thanks to this reduction, it is possible savings up to 200 euros per year ! So how about the subscription price and kWh of electricity with happy-e electricity contract?

First of all, happy-e offers are available in two cheap electricity contracts: the classic one and the other one that is greener and therefore beneficial to the planet.

Happ-e Angie
Promotions under electricity contracts with energy suppliers

Indicator/ month

02 90 22 53 54

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The electricity contract shown here is available in Base and Peak Hours – Off-Peak Hours options. As for the subscription in the first place, this is the question 12.56 euros including tax per month in the “Basic” option… Alternatively “Peak Hours – Off-Peak Hours” it is € 14.16 per month including taxes. All values ​​given here are based on a 6 kVA energy meter.

As for the price per kWh, everything is not much more complicated here! In fact, in the “Basic” version it is estimated at 15,061 euro cents, incl.… For the “HP_HC” option, a kilowatt hour costs € 17,069 inclusive of tax per full hour and € 12,566 inclusive of off-peak tax. Simply.

Happy-e also has a lot of electricity suggestions. Another proposal makes it possible to obtain electricity, but of renewable origin. This green and inexpensive electricity only benefits from a 2% discount on the kWh WT price, but allows one more step towards sustainable development.

Therefore, it is necessary to expect a few euros more per month, but the difference remains smaller, given the positive impact that the client has on the environment in this case. In the same spirit and without changing the contract or formula, a new option has appeared: “Vertelec + happy-e”… For only 2.99 euros per month, the client receives 100% wind and 100% French electricity.

In general, what you need to remember about the Happy-E cheap electricity contract:

  • pleasant 10% discount on the cost of kWh of electricity;
  • a traditional electricity subscription could turn into a green electricity supply;
  • either through a paid option or through another green electricity formula;
  • 100% online offer with rate in 1 minute and subscription in 5 minutes;
  • at the end of the day – the electricity contract, which, if desired, cannot be canceled 100%.
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Escape Cheap Gas Contract gives 10% discount on kWh excluding VAT!

We continue our review of happy offers with a cheap gas contract. At the moment, the energy supplier offers its users 10% discount from the price excluding VAT per kWh of gas… Let’s note together that this is a very significant reduction in relation to TRV or regulated selling tariffs set by the French government.

The only contraindication for its use is to subscribe at home to an offer with a consumption range of less than 30 MWh. The above will fail. In fact, in other words, this offer is for individuals only

Happy-e cheap gas contract offers

Up to € 200 a year is something that can be saved with Happy-e’s offers and its super-cheap gas contract.

Happ-e Angie
Gas contract promotions for energy suppliers

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02 90 22 53 54

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In fact, if you remember correctly, it all starts with a monthly or yearly subscription. Baseline consumption and consumption B0 – less than 6 MWh – corresponds to a flat rate of 100.90 euros inclusive of taxes per year. For less maths, this roughly represents 8.40 € / month Incl.… For anything that exceeds this consumption, this is 246.59 euros including taxes per year. Once again, this does monthly subscription for € 20.55 incl.… After all, it’s not all that complicated, is it? If necessary, price lists are available on the official happy-e website.

The famous 10% discount on the price excluding VAT for the promised kWh of gas is a godsend for happy users. However, it should be noted thatvalid only in the first year after signing the supplier’s contract for cheap gas. All fares are then rolled over to TRV Engie.

Thus, applying this successive abbreviation for the consumption of B0, kWh of gas is estimated at 7,276 euro cents incl.… Again, as far as the consumption tariff for more than 6 MWh is concerned, it ranges from 5.051 euro cents, including taxes, to 5.423 euro cents, including taxes that will have to be paid. Finally, Happ-e’s low-cost gas contract is one of the best on the market.

The contract for cheap gas with the energy supplier happy-e, in several points:

  • reduction of the price per kWh of gas by 10% compared to TRV;
  • replacing the gas meter is no longer an obligation by subscribing to happy-e;
  • 100% digital subscription in just a few minutes on the site;
  • in addition, 24/7 support is available and efficient throughout the week;
  • finally, a 100% optional contract that allows you to modify as you wish.
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The happy-e offers are also, above all, a very good contract for dual electricity + gas.

Happ-e is gradually becoming the benchmark in the energy market. The proof of this is that it now offers one of the best double deals in France. But why is it interesting to get gas and electricity from one energy supplier? In fact, this makes it easier to navigate documents and contracts. This is for the practical part. As for the purely economic part, this allows make additional savings… But how interesting is this sublevel really? We’ll look at it together.

Happy-E offers a cheap double contract

Happy-e offers also have a very good contract for dual electricity + cheap gas with big discounts, all without obligation!

Happ-e Angie
Offers dual energy: gas and electricity

Indicator/ month

02 90 22 53 54

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With a consumption of up to 6 kVA, the price per kWh for a single measurement is 14 629 euro cents, including taxes. The electricity subscription costs € 10.50 per month including taxes. for the same contract capacity. This offer is valid for 2 years and signed customers receive a 10% discount on consumption for the first year. Please note, however, that this price reduction applies to the price per kWh excluding tax. For the second year, the subscription and price per kWh HTT are in line with the regulated natural gas tariffs set by the supplier on the first anniversary of the contract.

Price Happy-e gas subscription at Basic rate or B0 is 8.41 € / month, incl.… In addition, the price per kWh in the first year is € 7.276 cents inclusive of taxes. This tariff applies only to annual gas consumption from 0 to 5,999 kWh. Please note that the price per kWh will drop to 7.972 Euro cents, including taxes for the second year, the price of the tariff is regulated by Engie. As such, this dual offering allows users to get a cheap gas subscription, perfect for smaller budgets.

Basically, this is all you need to know about the happy-e double clause:

  • 10% reduction in the cost of kWh of electricity and gas;
  • a simplified offer through 100% digital happiness / customer communication;
  • a promise of savings of up to € 200 per year for the first 2 years;
  • the ability to access many of the services offered by Engie;
  • finally and always, a 100% no-obligation double contract, cancellable at will.
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