Happy new year 2021 to all !!! KultureGeek

The year of the twenties is finally behind us! If the health situation is catastrophic, it is clear that the level high-tech, 2020 has reached the top: explosion of VR (thank you Oculus Quest 2), Mac M1, Overpowered Nvidia / AMD GPUs, launch of consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, big advances in the field of AI or robotics, test flight of the Starship, the tech was carried like a charm in this cursed year.

The failures were quite rare, but they often created the event: the collapse of the Arecibo Radio Telescope or even the catastrophic launch of Cyberpunk 2077 on old-gen consoles seemed to echo the surrounding grim. The main thing was not there anyway. Our passion for tech has not weakened during this ashen year, but our personal concerns have often gone beyond the difficulties of obtaining a Series X.

In this context, rarely has the wish for a new and happy New Year been more sincere, more appropriate to the situation. The formula is not an immunity totem, and we already know that the improvements will be slow, but the heart is there … fully. So, for all those who are still afraid, for all those who have lost a loved one, for all those who have been ill or lost their job, for the others also who have passed through the drops of sorrow or those who do not have nothing to do with the vagaries of this world (or try to make it be believed), the editorial staff of KultureGeek wishes you a very sincere happy new year 2021 !!!

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