Harassment accusations: Montreal studio Scavengers takes action

The year started off badly for Scavengers Studio as they faced accusations of harassment and touching against co-founder Simon Darveau.

Today, in a press release, they announced the measures they plan to take.

Back to the charges

If you missed the saga last January, here’s the quick portrait of the charges. Nine employees and ex-employees of the studio behind Darwin Project confided in

They mentioned in particular a toxic climate established by the co-founder, Simon Darveau, undermined by moral and sexual harassment as well as by inappropriate touching.

What further complicated the matter was that the boss, Amélie Lamarche, was in a relationship with Darveau.

Following these accusations, Simon Darveau had been suspended, Amélie Lamarche had left office and an audit firm had been mandated to produce a report.

The studio released the results of the report today.

Report results for Scavengers Studio

Simon Darveau and Amélie Lamarche
Credit: David Boily, La Presse

Solertia Consulting Group, the external company responsible for the report, presented its report.

If we suggest the improvement of certain behaviors, we “have not noted the presence of systemic sexual or psychological harassment within the studio”.

Following Solertia’s recommendations, the studio is committed to improving organizational culture, human resources and communication.

Above all, it is considered that there was a communication problem within the studio, since the measures put in place in 2019 would have, according to the report, worked, no event having been reported since.

However, employees felt that the situation had not been taken seriously due to a lack of communication and transparency.

According to the press release, Scavengers seems to be aware of this, and to have decided to put in place many measures to improve communication within the company.

Darveau was also reinstated, but on a conditional basis and in a non-managerial role.

Now let’s hope that these measures are sufficient and that the employees of Scavengers can return to work on Season in a happier mood.

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