Harvest Moon A World to Cultivate, Get Started: Our Complete Guide

The new game in the Harvest Moon series being released on Nintendo Switch at the beginning of the month, we invite you to discover on these pages our guide to get started in this game.

Released earlier this month on Nintendo Switch, the new life simulation game from Natsume and Rising Star Games invites you to cultivate your fields and make new friends in a world where nothing grows. Awaken the Harvest Goddess, mine, fish, and give gifts to the inhabitants of Harvest Moon: A world to cultivate until you find a soul mate and get married with our guide to getting started in Harvest Moon: A world of cultivate.

In this first part of our guide to Harvest Moon: A World to Cultivate, you can find all the information you need to acquire the six medallions and awaken the Goddess of Harvests in order to make the soil fertile again.

In Harvest Moon: A World to Cultivate, beyond your adventure to awaken the Goddess of Harvests, many activities are available to you. Of the peach at mining, going through the steps to follow to get married, we will detail you in the second part of our guide to get you started on how to master each aspect of the game to make the most of your stay in this world.

Summary of our complete guide to Harvest Moon

By Anthesk, Writing


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