Hasbro re-releases Boba Fett’s classic Star Wars ship after The Boba Fett Show on Disney Plus

Journey with the Star Wars crime lord in Hasbro’s re-release of bounty hunter Boba Fett’s iconic spaceship.

The Boba Fett Starship from Star Wars: Vintage Collection was announced Friday (July 22), featuring a 3.75-inch (9.5 cm) scale version of the Firespray bounty hunter gunship.

Designed for Padawans aged four and over, the spacecraft and accessories will go on sale in Spring 2023 for $199.99.

You can pre-order starting Saturday (July 23) at 5pm EST (9pm GMT) on the Hasbro Pulse website. (will open in a new tab) – there is no word yet on whether they will take loans.

If you’re looking for more Star Wars content, you can visit our Lego Star Wars deals page, which includes a 593-piece Lego Firespray version aimed at fans ages 9 and up. Our best Lego Star Wars sets include hours of adventure in every corner of this fandom’s universe.

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The new set includes a spaceship with an opening cockpit, undercarriage, split wings and ladder accessory, just like the original Star Wars movie series and Disney Plus shows.

It comes with a vehicle, stand, Boba Fett (Tython) figure and other accessories; also check out our guide to Boba Fett’s ship and gadgets for more on what tools a bounty hunter packs on expeditions.

Like other items from The Vintage Collection, the new Hasbro Starship is based on original Star Wars toys released between 1978 and 1984 under the Kenner brand. This ship is similar to the Slave I starship released in 1980 in support of The Empire Strikes Back, the second of the original Star Wars films, according to

The announcement comes as a tailwind to the new Disney Plus series The Boba Fett Book, which has recently been confirmed for a second season. Disney also released the first season of Obi-Wan Kenobi in May and is preparing another bounty-hunting series called The Mandalorian (entering Season 3).

You can refer to our streaming guide to find these series and subscribe to Disney Plus (usually $9.99 per month; check availability and pricing in your local jurisdiction).

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