Hats off to Elon Musk who wants us to make babies to perpetuate OUR civilization.

He is obviously not the only one who is aware of these issues, but he is the only one of the billionaires and influencers who talks about it. It changes everything.

Others, on the contrary, try to dissuade you from having children, scaring you with so-called global warming, suggesting that you do not breed in order to better preserve our country for migrants, when lunatics refuse to have children in order to “keep the peace.” planet”. Authentic.

So the call of the Mask falls like hair on soup in the triumphant world of Davos. And we will make sure that this does not get into the media-Pravda. Of course, it’s not enough to tell people to have children, they need to be encouraged to do so, as Orban does in Hungary. children-at-any-price_5124211.html

Alas, Orban is all alone in Europe…

Musk’s call will only make sense if he works with Trump, Zemmour… to get the resistance fighters back in power in this crazy country. And meanwhile, it has the dignity that it exists and, most importantly, loudly and clearly says that our civilization is grandiose and that in no case should it be allowed to die.


During a conference in Norway, the billionaire said it was “important to perpetuate civilization” and “explore more” hydrocarbons in the country.


“Trust me: the baby crisis is serious,” the 51-year-old entrepreneur told reporters in Stavanger, southwest Norway, where he was scheduled to attend an energy conference.

“Yes, make more children”

Asked about the biggest problems facing the world, the founder of American electric car manufacturer Tesla certainly mentioned the transition to renewable energy, but immediately went on to talk about fertility, “one of (his) favorite problems, perhaps less known.

In Western societies, as in extremely densely populated countries such as China, birth rates are falling, largely due to an aging population. “It is important that people have enough children to sustain civilization,” he said. “They say that civilization can disappear with a roar or a groan. If we don’t have enough kids, we’ll die groaning (wearing) adult diapers. It will be depressing,” he added. “Yes, make more children,” he concluded. “At least make enough babies to keep the population going. We don’t want the population to drop so low that we end up disappearing.”.


Le Figaro

Total fertility rate per 1000 people in 2020:

– Sub-Saharan Africa: 34
– Arab world: 24
– South Asia: 19
– Latin America, Caribbean: 16
– East Asia, Pacific: 11
– North America: 11
– European Union: 9

The World Bank


“Believe me, the child crisis is a big problem”: at a conference in Norway, billionaire Elon Musk considered it “important to perpetuate civilization”

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