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The fire that engulfed “450 hectares” of maquis in the town of Santo Pietro di Tenda in Upper Corsa on August 1, without threatening housing, “stabilized” the next day with “several hot spots”, the report said. AFP, fire department representative.

“Absolutely inaccessible to ground means”

This fire engulfed on Monday evening at 19:30 an area of ​​”450 hectares” in this town of Haute Corse, located about twenty kilometers from Saint-Florent, a seaside village very popular with tourists during the summer. “The peculiarity of this fire is that it is completely inaccessible to ground facilities, in a steep geographic area where there is no activity other than a little hiking,” the officer added, specifying that no “housing or exploitation” is threatened.

“We cannot say that the fire has been extinguished, but the two edges are clearly regressing,” Lieutenant Colonel Thierry Nutti, on duty at the Fire and Rescue Operations Center (Codis), said on Monday evening after 56 falls from involved helicopters, 60 from water bombers of the ” Pelican” and six drops of retardant.

After a “reasonably calm” night of observation with “very favorable” weather conditions, in particular with temperatures dropping to 20-22 degrees Celsius and humidity over 50%, the fire was “stable” on Tuesday morning.” having “several hotspots visible from the village of Santo Pietro di Tenda” but “keeping the edges” in place as of Monday evening, he told AFP.

Specialized firefighters on the ground

Aerial reconnaissance was planned prior to the deployment of Brignoles (Var) Civil Security Helicopter Detachment (Dee), specializing in hard-to-reach areas, which arrived as reinforcements with three helicopters. The fourth helicopter bomber of the Corsican rescue service will also actively bring “forest fire commandos and forest sappers” to the ground in order to “treat all edges and avoid any recovery fire.” A vehicle equipped with tank-type tracks will also try to “create an exit to the ground” in order to get as close as possible to the fire.

A total of 70 people will be deployed to the field for a “long-term job” that will begin in “good enough” weather conditions before 11:00 am.

On Saturday, several forests in Upper Corse were closed due to a serious fire risk and the affected area was deemed “dangerous” due to this risk, authorities urged people not to go there.

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