Hawkeye will be playable on March 18, 2021 in the game Marvel’s Avengers (with the PlayStation 5 version) |

Little by little, the content of the game Marvel’s Avengers of Square Enix ends up growing, including the addition of new playable characters – and missions that accompany them. If the players of the first hours could indeed rail against the lack of content (or the redundancy of the gameplay, or art direction, or quite a few things for that matter), with the addition of DLC, there will now be a lot more to do. After the arrival of Kate bishop in game, it’s the Hawkeye classic, Clint barton, which will soon be in the game.

Soon Clint Barton in your consoles

It is indeed at the turn of a new video of War Table than Square Enix share the good news: Hawkeye will finally be available to players around the world from March 18th. Either the day of the release of the Snyder Cut. But also from the exit of Big Girls in French, translated by your favorite editor. Big day then, think about taking time off.

All kidding aside, the video first gives pride of place to the PS5 version of the game (also available on the same day) before moving on to additional content, Operation Hawkeye: Future Imperfect, whose title should appeal to you. We can indeed play a Clint barton in a future in which, as in the comics, Hulk became the tyrannical Maestro and that we will have to face. Note that the game will make a mix between the work of Peter David And the one of Mark Millar since the mission must also be inspired by Old man hawkeye, derived from Old man logan. Finally, the differences in gameplay with Kate bishop are illustrated, with as a bonus the presence of Lucky the Pizza Dog in the video.

See you on March 18 for those who will resume Marvel’s Avengers on this occasion.

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