HBO is, but not there: French-speaking Switzerland was deprived of The Last of Us

PublishedJanuary 12, 2023, 06:55 AM

The televisionFrancophone Switzerland stripped of ‘The Last of Us’

Broadcast of the long-awaited series begins on Sunday in the United States. At the stage of negotiations, the RTS will not launch a lifeline in the near future.

Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and Joel (Pedro Pascal) in a postmodern world following a pandemic that has left the human brain in disarray.


Coming soon to HBO in the US (beginning next Sunday, January 15, 2023), already acclaimed by the privileged who were able to watch the first season in advance, The Last of Us series inspired by the PlayStation video game of the same name is at the top of the buzz on this week. However, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to discover the series next week in French-speaking Switzerland.

Why such a fuss?
The series is based on one of the most famous PlayStation video games of the same name. The game has gained this reputation, in part, for its dramaturgy, which rarely reaches this level for an interactive product and can compare (and even provide some lessons) with the best works of fiction intended for the small and large screens. The adaptation made sense. The fact that he is under the hat of HBO, whose reputation for producing quality series is intact, and that Neil Druckman, one of the recognized architects of the video game franchise’s success, has worked closely on the series, has solidified his reputation. Funding and giveaways (led by Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie) added to the hype.

What is The Last of the USA about?
In the remnants of a modern world infested with mutants after a pandemic and in which human factions are being torn apart, Joel, a pragmatic survivor but deeply marked by the drama that took place at the beginning of the chaos, is forced to watch Ellie, a teenager who may be the key to creating a vaccine.

Why would it be a belt for the Romans?
The series is available to subscribers of the streaming channel HBO Max. But this channel is not yet available in all European territories. For France and, accordingly, for French-speaking Switzerland, the absence of HBO Max was compensated by access to the OCS catalog itself, integrated into Canal+ ( in Switzerland). But at the end of 2022, the agreement tying OCS to HBO ended, and the arrival of HBO Max in the French-speaking world is still highly hypothetical. In short, the existing faucet was closed before the other opened.

In addition, RTS has not yet received the rights to broadcast the 9 episodes that make up the first season. Alix Nicole, Head of Artistic Programming, tells us that RTS is currently in negotiations. Therefore, the Swiss public service will not broadcast in 24 hours later, as it could be done with the TV series Game of Thrones at the best of times. It should be noted that the RTBF in Belgium has obtained the rights and will therefore be able to offer the series to its viewers from next week. For Romandie, the RTS broadcast window remains “current 2023”.

Note that “The Last of the USA” was announced on the German-language service Thus, the German-speaking Swiss have at least one window. So barring an incredible twist — like an exclusive placement on Amazon Prime Video — in the short term, this will be the belt for the Romans.

So how do you access it?
The only advice we can give in terms of broadcasting rights is to be patient. But it’s undeniable that the unfortunate closure of Canal+/HBO’s broadcast window will throw some technophiles into the clumsy embrace of gray streaming or illegal downloading. The whole point is to know in what proportion and with what collateral damage for copyright holders.

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