HBO Max app: Where to download on iOS, Apple TV, PS4 and more

HBO Max apps have finally arrived … at least on some platforms. I say that because HBO Max has the most surprisingly incomplete set of supported devices for a major service that I can remember.

Before you can binge Rick and Morty or watch the Studio Ghibli library, you’re going to need the HBO Max app. So, I’ve done the work for you and found all of the download links you could need … as well as which platforms are still waiting for an HBO Max app.

Here’s a comprehensive list of where you can download the HBO Max app for your devices. One thing to notice is that many platforms have simply replaced the HBO Now app with HBO Max’s app. I’ll explain more in my section on the PS4.

HBO Max app on iPhones, iPads, Apple TV

iPhones typically get apps for major services on day one, and HBO Max is no exception. It’s also out for iPad and Apple TV (the only standalone streaming box that currently has HBO Max).

HBO Max app apple tv

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If you go to download it, and see that you’ve already downloaded it before, you might realize that HBO and Apple have apparently replaced the HBO Now app with HBO Max.

Download the HBO Max app for iOS, iPadOS and tvOS here.

HBO Max app on Android

Yes, Android folks, you get HBO Max too. Just like with the iPhone, your download page / URL appears to be the former home of the HBO Now app. And, yes, HBO Max will work on Android tablets. HBO says it will work on phones and slates running Android 5 (Android Lollipop) and later.

Download HBO Max for Android here.

HBO Max on Chromebooks, Macs and Windows PCs

All three of the major desktop platforms support HBO Max, but they don’t have apps … yet. All Chromebooks appear to be supported, while HBO notes that Mac support is limited to devices running macOS 10.10 Yosemite or later. All PCs running Windows 7 or later should load HBO Max as well.

Visit in a web browser to stream now.

HBO Max app on Amazon Fire TV, Fire Tablets

HBO and Amazon failed to reach a deal in time for launch day. The HBO Max app is not available yet on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire Tablets. We thought this could be possible, mirroring the last second deal that brought Disney Plus to Fire TV sticks, but it was a no go.

The HBO Max app isn’t on Fire TV yet.

HBO Max Roku channel

More surprising than the lack of a Fire TV app is the absence of an HBO Max Roku channel. I’ve searched on multiple Roku devices in my apartment, and couldn’t find it on any of them. This is a big gaping hole, as a 2019 report from Strategy Analytics shared that 30% of new TV streaming devices sold in the U.S. run Roku.

Roku doesn’t have an HBO Max channel yet.

HBO Max app on PS4

This one is also a little confusing. When I booted up my PlayStation 4 this morning, I searched for HBO Max in the PlayStation Store and found the right icon with the wrong caption. Yep, it said HBO Now even though it’s got the HBO Max logo.

HBO Max PS4 app

(Image credit: Future)

Everything worked well enough, though, when I downloaded the app and found it to be the correct HBO Max app. This feels similar to the above iOS and Android apps, which use the HBO Now URLs. I’m betting the name will be fixed before day 1 is over.

Download HBO Max app on the PlayStation Store here.

HBO Max app on Xbox One

Annoyingly, I hit an error when I went to download HBO Max on my Xbox One. It simply says “Try that again,” before noting “Something happened on our end. Waiting a bit might help.”

You can find the HBO Max app on the Microsoft Store here.

HBO Max on Samsung Smart TVs

We can’t link to a Smart TV app store, so take our basic advice for downloading smart TV apps. Open the app store in your Samsung Smart TV (your remote should have a dedicated button), click the search icon and type in HBO Max with the remote. Then, scroll down to the apps section of the results and click on HBO Max.

HBO Max on Chromecast

Opening the HBO Max app on my iPhone, I saw the Cast icon in the top left corner. Tap that when you want to cast HBO Max to your TV.

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