He creates the thinnest PlayStation 5 in the world (before Sony!)

Matt from Youtube Channel DIY Perks creates the world’s thinnest PlayStation 5 – Unsplash

PlayStation 5 no bigger than a DVD box

The PlayStation 5 is bulky. At least we can say that it takes up space. Once installed in the living room, it stands like a block. It’s impossible to miss it. There are rumors of a PS5 Pro release, but Sony hasn’t said anything about the PS5 Slim that gamers are looking forward to. I must say that the latest console from the Japanese manufacturer is the largest of all the PlayStation and its impressive size does not suit everyone. Matt the Builder decided not to wait on Sony and created a stripped-down version of the console himself. He set himself the task of building a PlayStation 5 2 cm thick, the width of a DVD box.

The technophile Youtuber got rid of facades to gain access to the internal components of the machine. I started with the motherboard, which alone already has a thickness of 5 cm, in particular because of the heatsinks. So they had to be relieved. To do this, Matt simply removed the cooling system from the PS5 and replaced it with a more compact water cooling system connected to the power supply. It was directly inspired by the computers that often use this cooling system. Unbelievable but true: this new cooling system is more efficient than the original.

Building the PS5 Slim is a genius job

In a video of about thirty minutes, filled with information, the master virtuoso shows the construction of this PS5 Slim step by step and explains his choice. The experience should not be reproduced at home or at your own risk. A PlayStation conversion requires special tools, good technical knowledge of electronics, and… a small budget. The copper plates alone used in the construction of the case already exceed the cost of the new PlayStation 5. Want to follow this exciting adventure? The explanatory video can be viewed online in English for free on the DIY Perks YouTube channel.

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