He followed cannabis as well as 9mm

Armed to defend the place

At first, Aredo (an illegal resident of the territory) pretended to be a squatter before quickly returning to better intentions, confessing to having been recruited in Albania as a gardener and crop overseer. The 19-year-old young man received precise instructions for watering the plants, as well as a 9mm projectile found on the platform. Aredo swears in criminal court this Thursday morning that he did not know the weapons were in the building.

But according to Deputy Bury, the young man was perfectly informed about the presence of this 9mm. “The weapon was found on the platform. I think it was the defendant who tried to get rid of him during the police intervention. Behind Aredo is a large-scale criminal organization worthy of the mafia, ”estimates the deputy. Aredo still needs to be given a serious warning. Twenty months in prison, on probation, is required.

I, Natalie Gallant, ask for a reduced sentence on probation for the defense. Court next Friday.



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