He gets confidential information by posing as…

The investigation was launched in Paris after a man circulated confidential information on the Internet about the criminal background of individuals seized from police stations, posing as a police officer, the Paris prosecutor’s office told us on Friday, confirming Actu17’s information.

A preliminary investigation was initiated into the usurpation of the authority of a police officer, the collection and storage of personal data and the disclosure of this data, said the SUV requested by AFP.

The investigation was assigned to the Personal Crime Investigation Team (BRDP) and the Cybercrime Investigation Team (BL2C).

Recordings of conversations between the man – with his voice altered – and the police, who send him criminal records of influencers, rappers, reality TV stars or criminals, were still available on the Youtube channel on Friday.

According to Actu17, the man received information from police stations throughout France, including Paris.



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