He robbed young people near the Nice train station, for this 20-year-old guy the prison was closed

His apparent looseness worries. At 20, Said Ahmed, infirm, is accused in Nice of six counts of extortion through violence, threats or coercion. He is in a state of legal relapse, as he has already been tried in the past for acts of the same nature. Originally from Saint-Étienne, he says he came to Nice to reunite with his mistress. Unless he’s moved away from the investigating judge who’s interested in him in yet another racketeering case.

Departmental security arrested him on September 20, ending a series of attacks on vulnerable young people in the St. Augustin area with relief. Thus, one of them remained for several hours under the threat of a person. Frightened, he ended up handing over his phone and his money.

700 euros withdrawn under duress

The first extortion dates back to July 7, but it is possible that not all victims showed up. Investigators show that Said Ahmed also raged on July 25, August 9 and September 4. On that day, a student who had just stepped off the train was approached by Said Ahmad. He pretended to want to sell him cigarettes and cannabis. The student refused and returned home, followed by a man who ended up threatening him with a knife. Thus, he forced her to give him a phone, as well as a gold necklace and bracelet. He also forced him to withdraw 700 euros from his bank card.

Four days later, a hooded and masked intruder rang the doorbell to the same victim. Video footage of the building and an investigation by the Injury Brigade made it possible to identify the perpetrator and return to the hotel room he occupied. Criminologists detained him with a knife and two stolen phones in 2018.

An attempted theft on September 11, attributed to him by the police, was ultimately not retained by a criminal court for lack of sufficient evidence. On the other hand, Saeed Ahmad was found guilty of all other crimes and sentenced by President Alain Chemama and his advisers to four years in prison, which is in line with the prosecutor’s requirements. The young offender was held in custody and banned from the Alpes-Maritimes for five years.

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