He steals the cannabis placed in the seal and is caught by the hand in the bag: Roy’s gendarme is sentenced

Auxiliary police officer in Breuil-sur-Roi, the 21-year-old young man has just passed the non-commissioned officer competition. His entire career was mapped out. Late Friday night, September 2021, he decides to open the cannabis package that has been placed in the safe. He takes a few grams and closes the package.

Caught in the act

It was then that the major surprised him with almost a hand in a bag. To justify his act, Gabriel admits that at the moment he is ill.

His boss asks for the return of service weapons and warns the company commander about this.

Brigade fighting: Gabriel is ordered to sleep on the spot and will be placed in police custody the next morning. After he appeared before the prosecutor, the young man resigned.

He then worked in a supermarket and is currently studying to be a web developer far from the Alpes-Maritimes.

Surprised and Disappointed

A teenage appearance, military uniform and a buttoned polo shirt, Gabriel appeared late Wednesday night in criminal court.

“Do you use cannabis?” asks President Christian Legay. “Not. I used to eat long before I entered the gendarmerie,” he replies in a barely audible voice, crossing his arms behind his back.

His saliva test was negative, but joint butts and cigarette butts found during the search raise questions. Just like the empty sealed bags and the smell of marijuana in his personal car being discovered by the narcotics dog.

At the announcement of his detention, all of his comrades and superiors stated that they were “surprised” and “disappointed.” This reserved boy loved his work and did not refuse it.

He markedly distinguished himself by his selflessness and courage, like all the gendarmes of the valley during the terrible storm of Alexei. So how do you explain this “moment of bewilderment”, in the words of his lawyer Me Kevin Graziani?

Family problems, lack of support

The son of a soldier and a police officer, Gabriel complains about the lack of psychological support after the disaster in Roya.

He also knew about some family problems, but no details. Prosecutor Ludovic Manteuffel drops out of prosecution for “drug use”, too little characterized as no one has ever seen him use drugs.

On the other hand, he asks for “six months’ suspended imprisonment and a fine of 1,500 euros” for breaching seals, theft and possession of drugs.

Graziani wonders me: “Is it really a court seal? Nothing in the procedure allows us to talk about this, ”the lawyer emphasizes. He believes that the rules of the procedural code have not been observed and wishes to cancel the procedure.

“My client bitterly regrets his action. Now he is undergoing professional retraining. He himself resigned, believing that he was unworthy of being a policeman.”

The court followed the exactions: six months probation, but no fine.


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