He would sell his shares of Tesla after the story between his wife and Elon Musk, jackpot

In addition to the legal battle against Twitter, Elon Musk has other problems. Recently, the Wall Street Journal published an article according to which the Tesla boss had an affair with the wife of his friend Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, which would lead to the couple’s divorce, and the friendship ended. between two entrepreneurs. But also a jackpot for Sergey Brin, who sold his stake in Tesla.

$100 Million Jackpot

As we mentioned in the previous article, Elon Musk denied this, calling the investigation of the American daily bullshit. “Sergei and I are friends, and last night we were even at a party together! I saw Nicole only twice in three years, each time in the company of many other people. Nothing romantic,” the Tesla boss said.

In any case, this episode made many media remember how much investments in Tesla will bring today before its IPO. Indeed, the Wall Street Journal article also indicated that Sergey Brin would ask his financial advisers to sell his Tesla shares. There is nothing official yet.

All this should be treated with caution. But in any case, if the co-founder of Google sold his shares, it could bring him a very large amount compared to his investment.

Unfortunately, it is not known how much Sergey Brin has invested in Tesla. But according to our colleagues at Business Insider, in late 2008, when Elon Musk’s company was struggling, it raised $40 million to keep it going. And Brin would personally invest $500,000 (knowing that he would have already invested in the company earlier).

In any case, according to Business Insider’s calculations, if Sergey Brin had owned $500,000 worth of Tesla shares after the company went public, those shares would be worth $100 million today.

After all, in 2010, a share was worth $4. But its value continued to rise, and today Tesla shares are worth more than $800, and the shares have undergone a stock split.

Others have made big profits from Tesla shares over shorter periods of time. For example, in January 2021, a previous Business Insider article discussed the earnings of Oracle boss Larry Ellison, who saw the value of his Tesla shares rise from $1 billion to almost $13 billion in just 3 years (share value increased by 1200%). ).

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