Health Canada suspends distribution of Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Distribution of hundreds of thousands of doses of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine in Canada has been halted due to product quality issues.

The federal government, which received 300,000 doses of the vaccine developed by an American laboratory on Wednesday, made a statement late Friday in a press release.

“Health Canada has learned that a drug produced by an Emergent facility is [aux États-Unis] were used in the production of doses of Janssen vaccine, which were originally intended to be used in Canada and which were received on April 28, ”we read.

“Like all vaccines imported into Canada, Janssen vaccines can only be distributed if Health Canada is satisfied that they meet the high Department of Quality, Safety and Potency standards,” the statement added.

The federal agency is working with Janssen Laboratory and the US FDA “to obtain all the information needed to complete this study.”

Troubled plant

The Emergent plant, located in Baltimore, Maryland, was already a matter of concern several weeks ago from FDA inspectors who noted deficiencies in terms of quality control of its products. … According to a recent article The newspaper “New York TimesThe inspectors also reported problems with the disinfection of the facility and the training of workers at the facility.

In addition, 15 million doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine were spoiled at the facility last month due to cross-contamination.

Regarding the 1.5 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine recently imported into Canada from this facility, Health Canada “remains confident” that they meet its requirements and are therefore “safe”. The organization already issued a press release last Sunday to convince Canadians of this.

Quebec is on course

Quebec is expected to receive 67,800 doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine next week. Contacted Duty, however, the office of Health Minister Christian Dubet is encouraging.

“This will not change the goal of June 24 to vaccinate all Quebec residents who want to,” said spokeswoman Marjorie Cote-Boileau. This means that the “game plan” unveiled on Thursday by the health minister is still in place, she said. The Lego government stipulates that all Quebec adults who wish to be vaccinated against COVID-19 will be able to make an appointment within two weeks.

Alberta, for her part, relied on doses of this vaccine to protect residents in some remote areas hit hard by the pandemic, such as Wood Buffalo and Banff.

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